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Behind the Book Publishing Academy's Brand Revamp

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different recently. Not much has changed but we have added more to our core message!

There were several motivating factors behind a revamp of our brand. Over the past couple of years we have completely changed our brand and refined our WHY.

Let's take a trip down memory lane!

In 2015, we started off as Purpose Driven Initiatives and we focused on coaching authors and facilitating women empowerment events. We didn't really know what we were doing, we were just doing it. Our brand lacked inconsistency. We were not sure what our core message was, what our brand colors looked like and where the company was going.

In 2018, we rebranded and separated the core business from Janine Hernandez as founder. The business focused on coaching authors and author events and Janine created her own brand showcasing her as an Author, Speaker, Coach.

In 2020, The Book Publishing Academy was born. The pandemic hit and the need for group online coaching was born. We started with the basic color boards and logo. We launched without even having a website and needless to say, it took off. We featured online courses that teach you how to write, publish and launch your book. It included 7 modules with 37 different videos, templates, exercises, group calls, growing Facebook community, accountability and mindset support.

How we started the branding process:

We started to work with Manejalo Marketing and also our graphic designer Ian Designs to create a brand that is unique to our ideal customer. The key message we came up with was that "Everyone has a story to share and it is perfect the way it is so, manifest that book!"

We quickly launched our podcast which focuses on different topics for each season. Topics such as: Books, Authors, Book Publishing, Real Life Experiences, Trauma, Travel etc.

Then it happened. We booked Soren Baker, the author of "Gucci Mane Guide To Greatness" as a featured guest. Sometimes things happen without us being ready but we say yes anyways. And that is how the Janine Hernandez TV was started.

Our brand is warm and inviting of all aspiring authors. Here are the brand colors we stick to:

Our Revamp V 2.0

Within the product we have relaunched our program to include 9 modules with over 60 videos. It now includes enhancements for PR, Marketing, Sales and additional coaching for authors.

We finally have a website!

And solidified our WHY and core values.

We have a new symbol!

This huge overhaul of our branding concept has been a work in progress for over 6 months but we are finally excited and ready to show you!

Let us know what you think!

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