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Is Writing a Book Difficult

I want to write a book, where do I start?

You may have found yourself asking how do I begin writing my first book because I am not a writer and I have never written a book in my life?

Start by finding a niche. What are your skills, and what makes you passionate about it? What is something that you can talk for days about and can help others understand? Or do you have something to publicly announce? Start by writing a hook that will catch the attention of the reader for the introduction.

Writing takes practice.

Just write and revise.

If you have a long term vision, blogging your ideas on a specific topic is not a bad way to start. You could gain exposure before even publishing a book and gain writing experience.

Write everyday with interesting writing prompts. Make writing an everyday habit.

  • Narrativewriting

  • Persuasive writing

  • Creative writing

  • Descriptive writing

Most Authors start by creating an outline for their story.

Brainstorm ideas, topics, and subtopics and interesting concepts. Try to keep an inspiration file or playlists on your computer or device to bring creativity into the flow.

Remember to take notes and journal, limit distractions, take lots of breaks, and ask for feedback.

Writing in nature and practicing meditations helps to get away from responsibilities.

Surround yourself with encouragement to keep writing. Publishing a book will bring networking opportunities and will position yourself as an authority. You can even speak in public about your topic. You create a brand and position yourself as an authority figure, by providing a solution for people.

Writing a book is a process. It is not easy but it is worth it.

Format the writing into sections and use headlines and write small to medium size paragraphs that tell the story. Book formatting can be done in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Break the book down to the beginning, middle, and end. The introduction plays a big role. Everyone remembers the ending. Catch the reader's attention, make it juicy enough to keep reading. All the way to the end!

It takes research and experience. Everyone has a story, Check out my previous blogpost. ”What-to-know-before-writing-a-book

Publishing a book is worth the effort to finish. You will have a publication with your name on it, and you will always remember the process of publishing your first book.

Read different writing styles, and copywriting to understand what writing works. Note what the author says that makes the writing interesting and what draws you into the story.

Become a storyteller, and sell yourself.

Interested in learning how to publish your book? Email us at to schedule your FREE clarity call.

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