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Things You Should Know Before Publishing Your Book

One of the things that scared me the most about self-publishing my book was that I had no clue what I was doing. I knew that there was so much more than just writing the book. It took me 17 years to publish simply because I allowed all of those fears to hold me back. So, I am here to tell you, don’t be like me. Don’t wait. Go out there and just do it! I decided it would be easier if I created a list of things that you will need to get started. 1. Decision

First you will want to make a decision.

Be honest with yourself and decide if you truly want to write your book. There will be lots of thoughts that will come to your mind and self-limiting beliefs that will try to trick you into not fulfilling this goal. Guess what? It is perfectly normal, and all authors go through this.

What helped me get through this first step is journaling. I sat down and let it all out. I wrote down why I wanted to write the book and the types of opportunities that would present themselves from becoming an author. And then I wrote down all the reasons why I was telling myself I couldn’t or shouldn’t do this. Once I wrote down my list of negative limiting beliefs, I ripped it up and thew it out.

That would be the last day I thought those things and I knew I was going to have to really work through these emotions as they arise in the future.

2. Get Clear

Once you have made a decision, you want to get clear on what you will be writing about. I know, sometimes we might have many ideas and that is ok. But pick one. Choose something you feel comfortable writing about in this moment in your life. And guess what, you can always write multiple books so keep those other ideas for a later date. Make a list of all of your ideas and do a process of elimination. This can take some time to so don’t rush it. Really sit with yourself and see what FEELS right. I recommend a mind map exercise where you jot down all of your ideas and themes that might be of interest for your book. 3. Writing Space

Next you will want to create your writing space. You want to find a place in your home that is quiet and can offer creativity. Have a clean table/desk, have a small plant nearby, have your notebook and or laptop ready and a nice glass of water. Make sure it’s a well-lit area with good sunlight. However, you can always go somewhere that helps you get inspired. I like going to the park near the lake and I sit under a tree with my blanket and I just write. Here are my recommendations for desk items that work well for any author. Desk Lamp Succulents Author Mug Sticky Notes Journals 4. Goal

Make sure you create a writing goal. Things to think about: When do you want to publish your book? And how many words do you want to write? Give yourself enough time to write it. Create a goal that allows you to reach that within that time frame. Everyone’s goals are different. Some authors want to go the fast track and publish in 3 months some want to do it in 6 months and others like to take their time and publish in 9 months. Whichever option you choose make sure it is right for you, your budget and timing wise with your personal life. Call to action: Write down your launch date here: _______ Keep in mind the holidays throughout the year. You want to make sure that you get the most interest on your book launch day and not have it be distracted by a holiday. You want to be able to create smaller goals in smaller increments. Break it up. So, if you are allowing yourself 6 months to publish then an example would be: 3 months to write 2 months to publish and print 1 month to promote the launch. If you are writing a memoir and looking to write 30,000 words, at approximately 2,000 words per day (which is equivalent to about 4pages) =15 days of consistent writing. Or you can break it up into a longer goal of 30,000 words, at approximately 500 words per day (which is equivalent to 1 page) = 60 days of consistent writing. Remember to reward yourself for small accomplishments along the way. 5. Consistency

Stay consistent. Write daily and allow yourself time for those moments you will have writers block. Do everything in your power to finish your book by your goal date. It is ok to take a day or two off when things might get a little frustrating, trust me it won’t be easy. But stay consistent. You got this. I highly recommend the “Done App” it tracks your goals and if you have done them consistently every day. It is a great reminder and accountability tool. I hope this was helpful and allows you to see the writing process from a different perspective. It's hard, but certainly do-able. Here you can find a free guide to self-publishing to help you jump-start that process! We also have our own Book Publishing Academy program to help upcoming authors self-publish from start to finish. This is perfect for our friends who need a little bit more guidance but want to take the publishing process into their own hands. Check it out!

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