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What is Amazon Book Publishing?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

How does Amazon Book Publishing Work?

Amazon Book Publishing is a large platform for books to be found and read online. This platform makes it easy to publish a book for aspiring authors and business brands.

Amazon Self Publishing offers book publishing services like Editing, Cover design, Proofreading and Marketing books online. Amazon assists with book publication and making publishing easy and effective.

How does Amazon Book Publishing work?

Start by creating a book manuscript and providing a final draft before publishing. Decide on the genre of the book, problem and solution/ benefit your reader will get out of it.

This will entail research, creating a story outline, content formatting, proofing for grammar and spelling errors.

Then, Creating the final draft and editing details a bit more before submitting a completed manuscript.

After submitting it to Amazon, Set a price and publish the book online.

Amazon helps you with best practices for publishing a book so your book has an advantage.

How much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon?

It is Free to Publish online, Amazon will only charge you when you make a sale. The royalty rates are depending on the sale of the book. You will get 35% to 70% on a book depending on the price set, on the book.

Is Self Publishing a Book Worth it?

It is worth it, If you are beginning your career and plan to publish more books. It is a good start to launch a career in becoming an author.

Amazon is the largest book retailer, and has a global reach. It is easy for someone to discover your content and market online. Everyone uses the platform! Amazon is also a search engine, book publishing on the platform will boost SEO and increase the click through rate.

It is definitely worth it to publish a book. Book publishing helps create your own personal brand, and a personal brand will help with your marketing and business goals.

To give you a heads up, Amazon has a strict guideline policy. Which gives you restrictions on what is allowed for publishers.To see more details, here is the link for official guidelines.

Extraordinary book publishing wil gain exposure if you and your business is thinking about building credibility in your niche. It is perfect exposure for your brand, and creates authority in your industry. Here's is my last post on writing a book. “Is it difficult to write a book”

Amazon Book Printing on demand

A benefit to publishers is Print on demand. You no longer have to invest money upfront to stock shelves before selling them.

Amazon will publish on demand, and also fulfilled by amazon.

Sales ranking shows how sales are doing every hour of the day.Your book will also be available in ebook, and audio format online.


If you are a beginning publisher, self publishing with amazon gives you many tools to succeed. Just to name a few SEO, global reach of amazon search engine, providing statistics on the market of books, print on demand, formatting content, and sales ranking.

The royalty rate can be debatable but it will get you plenty of exposure for being your first book.

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